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Connecting a customer’s payment gateway account to a Camilyo commerce website is easy! See this video and explanation following:

30 March, 2020 - Loom Recording.mp4

The steps:

  1. In the SMB account admin area -- left-panel, Go to the E-commerce Module, and click ‘Configuration’. This will open your e-commerce settings

2. Enter the Billing configuration settings

3. Enter your SMBs Stripe Publishable token and their Secret token (from their stripe account) -
In the stripe account go to the Home page -- Get your API keys – copy the:

o   Publishable key

o   Secret key

Enter both keys in the dedicated fields in the account:

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4. Click on Update at the bottom of the page to save your settings.

5. Now, back to your admin panel - Go to your site -- Checkout, you will find that the following fields have been added:

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This means you now have Stripe as a payment option ready for your customers!

To check your installation: Once all the buyer’s information has been filled in, an order has been made and “Checkout” is clicked, the following payment Window will appear:

If you have any questions please contact us at Camilyo and we'll gladly assist you.