Ecommerce video tutorials

Camilyo websites are prepared to accommodate an Ecommerce module, and help businesses move to online sales easily. Follow the steps described in the videos below to learn how to add a full Ecommerce catalog to a Camilyo website. This is the list of the videos included in the section:

Part 1: Preparing and adding a Catalog

Part 2: E-comm pages and Structure

Part 3: Showcases

Part 4: Cart


  1. After you finish adding and editing your Ecommerce pages, switch to mobile and tablet platforms. Adjust them to suit mobile scrolling, browsing and shopping.

  2. Since sections (header/footer) do not sync between platforms, remember to add the mini-cart component to each platform's header.

  3. Test your site in all platforms to make sure everything works. When you do, remove the "/overlay" from the site's url to get the more exact outcome. When checking mobile platforms - be sure to check the site on an actual mobile device, not just in the preview.

  4. Direct the visitor's attention towards the shop, whether it's a CTA button, links to the shop on every page, or a well-placed showcase. Remember - your site's design has to "work" FOR the business.

If you have any questions please contact us at Camilyo and we'll gladly assist you.